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What happens if you decline our purchase offer?

If you should unexpectedly wish to decline our purchase offer, you can use our online portal to do so at any time.

If you want to reclaim your furs, our return shipping costs are as follows: In Germany, the return shipping fee is € 12 per package, which includes standard insurance cover up to 500 €. You can, of course, opt for a higher sum insured – we can increase the cover to € 2500 or € 5000.

For other EU countries, the return shipping cost is € 25 per package (including a default insurance cover of up to 500 €).

Outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland), the return shipping costs is € 35 per package (including a standard insurance cover of up to 500 €).

Packages can also be collected locally, for which we charge a handling fee of 7 €.