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Fur purchase price list

Potential fur sellers ask themselves again and again: Why do those prices vary so much? We would like to enlighten you and explain why. Furscouter,eu receives daily a great number of phone calls and questions about the price/offer. Each of these questions must be answered individually. There is no classical or typical procedure or pattern in which furs get evaluated. Every fur is a unique masterpiece and the slightest difference may influence the price greatly.

Note (a detailed elucidation follows):

If you try to search in the internet for fur prices it´s a waste of time. You wont get a real assessment. It would rather confuse you and you´ll lose the overview. We would like to explain you why it is impossible to find a fix price list and why it is impossible to assess the value of your furs on your own. The most popular furs are russian / crown sable, canadian sable, mink coat or mink jacket, fox coat or fox jacket (blue fox, red fox, silver fox, blue frost fox, golden island fox, platinum fox, shadow fox, arctic marble fox, saga fox, black fox), persian lamb coat or persian lamb jacket, chinchilla coat or chinchilla jacket, raccoon coat or raccoon jacket, musquash coat or musquash jacket, black musquash, nutria coat or nutria jacket, weasel coat or weasel jacket, marten coat or marten jacket, beech marten, pine marten, rabbit coat  or any other fur type – it does not matter which one you have -  we will evaluate them.

Let´s simulate a sale transaction and let´s pretend you possess a mink fur coat. It starts like this:

„Hello, my name is Georg Morgan and I would like to sell my mink coat. How much do I get for it?“

In the technical language of the examiner the information provided have no significance. We would like to give a small insight into our activities. The above request does not allow any conclusions about the value of the fur. Perhaps you can use the following example to understand our problem:

"Hello, I have a car of the brand "Audi" and I would like to know how much would I get for it?" Not a single car retailer in the world would give you an immediate price for this information, right?

Still there is a big advantage for the car retailer compared to the fur retailer: The customer simply picks up the vehicle registration document and gives all the informations the car retailer wants. This already is a huge help and essential information to finalize a sale.

To give you a thorough assessment and to make a fair purchase offer we at furscouter.eu must question the following:

  1. Is it male or female mink?
  2. From which country are the processed furs? Scandinavia, Russia, America or maybe another country?
  3. Is the fur processed skin-to-skin, “gallon-work“  or is the „“herringbone-processing“ used? Even demands for front claws, rear claws or tails are important. 
  4. How is the condition of the undercoat and how does the leather feel?
  5. Summer furs or winter furs processed?
  6. Is it a mink kept for breeding or a wild mink?

These six assessment criterias are typical ones and essential. What is more, there are many more criterias that must be considered. You may have noticed that a layman cannot answer all these questions. We would really like to give you an immediate price offer but as you can see it is impossible.

Keep in mind that furscouter.eu instructed their staff-members not to allure customers with illusionary prices. No one in our team is allowed to give any price offers by phone, because no examiner is able to check the tactile properties by phone or based on photographs. 50% of the evaluation is depending on these tactile properties.


It doesn´t matter if your fur is 100 €, 500 €, 1000 € or 5000 € worth. We can´t tell you the actual value.

The actual price is only ascertainable if you hand out your furs to the furriery and you get your price locally.

We purchased furs in every category and we would like to give you a fair assessment.

Our focus is on purchasing furs and if need be we modernize and rework them in our furriery workshop. Our youngest examiner has an experience of 15 years in purchasing furs and our oldest examiner has an experience over 30 years.