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Could I find out the value of my furs?

No, unfortunately you will not be able to evaluate your furs on your own. Only an expert assessor with a minimum of 10 years experience can give a professional statement about the value of a fur.

Below, you can read why an independent evaluation will fail to achieve its purpose, and therefore won't produce an accurate and reliable outcome:

  1. It is futile to search for fur descriptions on the web. There are so many details which must be considered, and which a web solution alone cannot address.
  2. Even more importantly, we recommend you never allow anyone into your home. And do please be extra-cautious of any retailers who are interested in jewellery or other valuables.
  3. Don't send photographs of your furs.
  4. Don't be lured by high purchase prices, especially if you receive such offers by phone or email. 

Why do we discourage you from valuing furs on your own? And why have we produced these notes? We will explain as follows:

  1. The world of furs is limitless: There are endless varieties of fur coats, and even if you are well-acquainted with these options you must also possess expert knowledge spanning the entire industry to be able to conduct a valid assessment. Features such as origin, processing technology, condition of the leather, gender of the source animal and much more, are all factored into the final assessment. Moreover, it is important to establish which part of the host species (belly/dorsal region etc.) supplied the original pelt. And is there a tail, and front- or rear claws present? Let´s just consider the processing issue and explore some of the different technologies which may have been employed: Is your material assembled by skin-to-skin patch processing? Or alternatively, does it use a ‘herringbone‘ process? Then again, it's not uncommon to find examples which utilise a gallon-working process. As this one example shows, it is nearly impossible to list every type of fur coat and explain its varied and complex details in layman's terms.
  2. You will find furs in every household where such refinements are appreciated. Unfortunately, this also means many dubious retailers can't wait to enter your home. They will offer high purchase prices for your furs, whereas in fact they are interested in your other valuables. They will try to buy items such as jewellery and promise to 'get back to you' regarding your furs. Needless to say, they won't be in touch with you anytime soon! In more sinister cases, retailers simply wish to confirm the precise whereabouts of your valuables – priceless information for those who make their living on the wrong side of the law. 
  3. Anyone well-versed in furs will know we can't assess the quality of a fur pelt on the basis of photographs. Essentially, each and every fur is a masterpiece of nature and nothing else can replicate its unique tactile properties. At a minimum, these qualities represent 50% of the inherent value of the pelt. So do think carefully about how and where you secure a fur evaluation. It makes no sense to risk a photo valuation if the alleged retailer cannot see and touch your fur to assess its quality. A moment's reflection should be enough to realise that an accurate valuation is the only option you can truly rely upon. 
  4. All staff at furscouter.eu are carefully trained to the highest standards. This means we can guarantee none of our staff would offer to value a fur without examining the pelt at least once. This stance reflects both our philosophy and our professionalism and, as true connoisseurs of fine furs, we have no wish to participate in elaborate deceptions. We never lure customers with outrageously inflated prices, and treat everyone with our customary fairness which has been the cornerstone of our success. Customers tell us they appreciate our professional attitude and excellent customer service based on mutual trust, and welcome our practical assessments grounded on facts not assumptions. High-value furs have their own individual attributes and we see it as important that our assessment acknowledges these qualities. So don't let imposters manipulate your expectations with overblown pricings which are doomed to end in disappointment. Choose the option recommended by countless satisfied customers and contact our reliable experts and friendly staff at furscouter.eu.

Be sure to take time to read through our guidance carefully. We have prepared these notes to offer you a clearer overview of the most important criteria applicable to professional fur valuation. It is our belief you will then be able to choose the best fur buyer for yourself. 

If you do opt for our services, we would certainly appreciate your custom. We will value your furs promptly and let you know the result. You will then have an assessment based on facts, prepared by a dedicated team who know how to look after your interests.