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Assessment criterias for fur purchase price

Pricelist for purchased furs

The following guidance will help to explain the type of information and level of detail required for us to value your furs. Our aim, of course, is to produce a serious and constructive assessment which will allow us to offer you a fair price. 

Have you a fur-jacket, a fur-coat or perhaps some fur accessories? And are your accessories attached to leather, or textile, ready-to-wear-clothing? Do you have any garments which have a fur inner lining?

We can evaluate all these types of fur:

russian / crown sable, canadian sable, mink coat or mink jacket, fox coat or fox jacket (blue fox, red fox, silver fox, blue frost fox, golden island fox, platinum fox, shadow fox, arctic marble fox, saga fox, black fox), persian lamb coat or persian lamb jacket, chinchilla coat or chinchilla jacket, raccoon coat or raccoon jacket, musquash coat or musquash jacket, black musquash, nutria coat or nutria jacket, weasel coat or weasel jacket, marten coat or marten jacket, beech marten, pine marten, rabbit coat – or any other fur variety.



Let´s imagine you own a mink fur coat. Before we can carry out a thorough evaluation and make you a fair purchase offer, as a responsible fur-trading company we must ask you to confirm the following:

  • Is this a male or female mink?
  • What is the country of origin ? (processed furs may originate from Scandinavia, Russia, America, or perhaps another country) 
  • Processing: Is the fur processed skin-on-skin, as “gallon-work”, or has “herringbone-processing” been used? 
  • Details such as front claws, rear claws and tails are also important. 
  • What is the condition of the undercoat, and how does the leather feel?
  • Is your processed fur a summer or winter pelt?
  • Is this wild mink, or a farmed product?

The sample criteria listed above are an essential part of the assessment process. And what is more, there are many additional criteria which we may also have to consider. 

Perhaps you may already feel it is asking a lot for a layman to answer all these questions? That's where furscouter.eu comes into play. We can professionally evaluate your furs based on all of the above-mentioned criteria, and many more besides.

At furscouter.eu, we often receive phone calls and email messages from customers looking for a provisional offer in advance of our assessment. We do understand how convenient it would be (for all of us) to conduct a valuation based on photographs – indeed, we really wish we could do so. However, it would be neither fair nor professional, because the tactile properties of a fur really are the critical features, and thus a core component of any assessment.

Can a phone call really help? Please follow this link to learn more. 


All of the following questions are covered in the above link:

  1. How much do I get for my mink fur?
  2. How much do I get for my persian lamb coat?
  3. How much do I get for my sable coat?
  4. How much do I get for my mink jacket?
  5. How much do I get for my fox jacket?
  6. How much do I get for my persian lamb cap?
  7. How much do I get for my musquash cap?
  8. How much do I get for my mink scarf?
  9. How much do I get for my nutria jacket?
  10. How much do I get for my raccoon coat?
  11. How much do I get for my fur bag, fur cap, fur collar, fur hat, fur blanket, fur glove or any other type of fur-clothing, or accessory?

As you can see, it makes no difference which type of fur you may want to sell: The answer will always be the same. We have attached a link in order to explain why we are unable to provide valuations over the phone or via email. Our staff cannot offer you any pricing information because it is not possible to conduct an evaluation by such methods – the result would be both misleading and unprofessional. 

Furscouter can offer you three simple routes to obtain a fair and comprehensive valuation from our experts.


  1. You can send in your furs and thats how it works:

  2. You can use our fast collection service:

  3. You can arrange an appoinment in our online-calendar, you will get an immediate valuation from our experts.