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Are there any exceptions which may lead to a refusal to purchase?

In principle, we would naturally like to buy any furs from you. However, there are exceptions to every rule:

Certain furs are subject to an EU marketing ban – and we, of course, obey all such directives. This also serves to protect your own interests, and helps to preserve endangered species:

We simply wish to discourage any trade which ignores the preservation of protected species. You, of course, appreciate such concerns, and we thank you for your understanding.

However, there are also occasions when, for practical reasons, we are unable to buy legitimate fur products:

Some products may simply have no resale value on the open market. This can often occur where parts are worn or badly damaged – and there can be other reasons which similarly prevent the sale of a fur, and which therefore mean we are unable to purchase from you. In such cases our written offer indicates the value "0" (meaning "No Purchase") against the respective product.

Because we trade solely in consumer goods made from genuine fur, we cannot buy artificial furs or untreated hides. Furthermore, we do not trade in llama-hair products.

Leather is an interesting special case: We do not usually purchase – unless the leather has a fur trim. Then, dependent on other factors associated with this feature, we may possibly make an offer. Thus our decisions are made on an individual basis.

Occasionally we also receive packages containing jewels or natural/artificial feathers. Of course, as fur traders we cannot purchase such products.

Sadly, we must reserve the right not to purchase fur products with a value of less than 50 € - their marketing cost usually exceeds their potential sale value. With a particularly beautiful piece, this is a real shame, and we thank you for your understanding when this sometimes-unavoidable situation occurs.

In addition, you will certainly understand that we cannot purchase moth-infested furs. Even where there is just a slight suspicion of this problem, we would have to abandon our inspection of your furs. We would then return your parcel unopened – the risk of spreading an infestation to our own stock is just too high.

In our evaluation process, we are used to identifying and isolating such unacceptable packages. We will arrange disposal for free, or packages can be returned to you, if you prefer.

We should like to thank you for your understanding of these necessary exceptions!

How do Furscouter.eu conduct evaluations?

We evaluate all the furs you send us, though, of course, we can't perform miracles. Our prices are absolutely fair and thus may be greeted by enthusiasm and/or disappointment. Our numbers are not conjured up, but are based on current market values. Here, prices are governed by supply and demand and thus may fluctuate accordingly. Our assessment involves many other factors too, and the totality of these components determines the final purchase offer. Should an offer be rather low, Pelzankauf.de can do nothing to influence the outcome. We look forward to inspecting your furs, but fur-quality is always subject to an independent evaluation. Similarly, the reverse situation can also occur, and our professional assessment may return a very high price. In either case, the outcome will help you establish the actual value of your precious furs.