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How to send your furs: Packaging

How to send your furs: Packaging

Packaging your furs to send

  1. Download and complete the fur covering letter:

    Fur covering letter

  2. Pack your fur(s) carefully, attach your "fur covering letter", and send the prepaid package to our specified address (see below).
  3. We will send your access data for the purchase offer portal via email, which you would normally receive within three to five business days.
  4. Upon acceptance: online confirmation of purchase contract. Payment will be made to your specified bank account, or by cheque.

Detailed instruction

Send us your fur items with the accompanying letter to:

Company Furscouter.eu
Maria Gerikoglou
Dörnweg 23
65760 Eschborn

Please enclose your completed and signed accompanying  letter with your package.

Fur covering letter

(You need the program 'Acrobat Reader' – version 7.0 or later – to read and print the PDF document. This is available as a free download at http://www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.)

We inspect your fur to determine the grade and quality, and then make you an offer based on our assessment. Please don't send us your photos instead, because these will not clearly show us the condition of your furs.

We will then send you our purchase offer via e-mail.

If you are happy with our offer and wish to accept, we can transfer the amount immediately into your bank account. This is generally free of charge in Germany and the European Union, but transfer fees may apply outside the EU. Where fees are applicable, these will be deducted from our payment offer prior to transfer. 

During any purchase of furs, respecting and protecting your interests, as well as our own, is the absolute top priority. That's why it is essential for us to properly assess the value of your fur in order to protect your interests as a customer and thus make you a fair offer upon which you will be able to rely. In the past we have been able to offer this service free of charge, but since 01 July 2015 it has been necessary to charge a small fee. Why have we been forced to make this change? Because we have found that we receive a number of packages which contain torn furs, or even just fur remnants. Though, of course, a fur may sometimes have a torn lining, if the fur itself is falling apart, or has even been attacked by moths, then we cannot offer such products to our customers. Our refusal often offended customers sending us such furs, and we do not wish to become involved in disputes. Thus we have now introduced an evaluation fee of only 10 euros, which applies separately for each packaged item. However, whenever a customer accepts our valuation offer, the evaluation fee for that item is disregarded and the customer receives full payment either by bank transfer or a cheque payment. Our valuation estimate is not based on our judgements alone, but represents the actual market value, and therefore will always reflect current market prices. 

If you do not wish to accept our purchase offer, then we will send the furs back to you. There is a fee of 12 euros per package to cover postage and packing costs.

Fur valuation and purchase at a glance

  • Have you had a previous bad experience?
  • Do you want to have your furs evaluated with a view to selling?
  • Have you ever made contact to sell just your furs, only to find you were also being asked about your gold, jewellery and other valuables?
  • We are fur specialists!
  • We are exclusively interested in fur products!
  • If you consider our valuation of your fur is a good price, you can sell it immediately.
  • Our excellent reputation as fur purchasers has been built up over 30 years of successful trading.
  • Please understand that no fur expert in the world can judge the quality of a fur based on photos. Photos cannot transmit the feel and touch of a fur pelt. Likewise, a layman's telephone description is a similarly unhelpful means of delivering an accurate valuation estimate. Whoever claims otherwise, is not familiar with the craftsmanship associated with fur production.
  • Any of our employees will be able to provide a valuation estimate for your furs. We will always give you a fair assessment and do not lure customers with bait advertising. We hear about many fur-seeking traders who promise you premium prices over the telephone, but it soon becomes clear they are not really interested in your furs. Instead, they wish to know whether you want to sell your gold, jewellery or other valuables.
  • Our primary interest is the furs you wish to sell. We want to buy furs for resale to customers, sometimes after redesigning the garment. Each fur is an individual item, and there are differences such as the country of origin, processing techniques, female and male designs, as well as many other criteria, which play an important role and influence the appeal of the end product.
  • Our system process is very precisely logged, and items are carefully tracked from start to finish. Each purchased product is given a unique tracking number so that we can trace the item through every phase of our production cycle. This number appears on your proof-of-purchase receipt.
  • A careful assessment must always be carried out before we can give you our purchase offer. Just send us your furs and we will create a valuation estimate at our own risk. You can then decide whether you want to accept our purchase offer, or pay the assessment costs of 10 euros per fur.
  • If you think that the value of your furs will not exceed the assessment cost, then please do not send us the furs. However, if you are unsure about their value, then you should take advantage of our professional assessment service. Once our valuation is complete, you will then have a clear understanding of their true value, and could well be surprised by the positive outcome.
  • If after receiving our purchase offer you wish to settle and trade at that figure, then our fully automated system will pay the amount into your specified account, or issue a crossed cheque if you prefer.
  • Of course, you can also take advantage of any free assessment offers you may receive, but we would ask you to think carefully before inviting a stranger into your home. Where you do have a free service available to you, in many cases it may still be worth using our valuation service as well, to give you the extra benefit of a further price comparison.
  • Our company is at the forefront of the European fur-purchase market, and as a result we usually hold a stock of around 15,000 pre-worn furs. These are all purchased using our simple evaluation system, which underlines the confidence our sellers have in our service. We would like to thank you very much.