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Collection service

Collection service

Arrange the collection of your fur/furs!

  1. Place your collection order on this site.

  2. Fur/furs packed in packages.
  3. Download and fill out the fur covering letter and insert it in the package.

    Fur covering letter.pdf
  4. Adress label is attached by DHL-messenger.
  5. Pass the package on to the DHL-messenger.
  6. You will receive our purchase offer within three to five working days by E-Mail.
  7. Offer accepted: confirm purchase agreement online (access data is given), payment into your bank account or by crossed cheque. 

With the following online form you wont have to go to your post office branch.
Please fill in the date on which you are available during the day.

A collection is throughout Europe possible.

Please note

Maximum collection weight: 31,5 kg
Maximum collection measures: 60 x 60 x 60 cm


Detailed instruction


Place your collection order

Please insert the fur covering letter with your informations and your signature in the package.

fur covering letter.pdf

(You need the program 'Acrobat Reader' – version 7.0 or later – to read and print the PDF document. This is available as a free download at http://www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.)

We inspect your fur to determine it´s cndotionand quality, and then make you an offer based on our assessment. Please don't send us your photographs instead, because these will not clearly show us the condition of your furs.

We will then send you our purchase offer via e-mail.

If you are happy with our offer and wish to accept, we can transfer the amount immediately into your bank account. This is generally free of charge in Germany and the European Union, but transfer fees may apply outside the EU. Where fees are applicable, these will be deducted from our payment offer prior to transfer. 

When we purchase furs the respect and the protection of your interests ist he absolut top priority. That's why it is essential for us to properly assess the value of your fur in order to protect your interests as a customer and thus make you a fair offer upon which you will be able to rely. In the past we have been able to offer this service free of charge, but since 01 July 2015 it has been necessary to charge a small fee. Why have we been forced to make this change? Because we have found that we receive a number of packages which contain torn open furs, or even just fur remnants. Though, of course, a fur may sometimes have a torn lining, if the fur itself is falling apart, or has even been attacked by moths, then we cannot offer such products to our customers. Our refusal often offended customers sending us such furs, and we do not wish to become involved in disputes. Thus we have now introduced an evaluation fee of only 10 euros, which applies separately for each packaged item. However, whenever a customer accepts our valuation offer, the evaluation fee for that item is disregarded and the customer receives full payment either by bank transfer or a cheque payment. Our valuation estimate is not based on our judgements alone, but represents the actual market value, and therefore will always reflect current market prices. 

If you do not wish to accept our purchase offer, then we will send the furs back to you. There is a fee of 12 € per package to cover postage and packing costs.