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Bringing your furs in person

Bringing your furs in person

Bringing your furs in person to our store in Eschborn (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Important Note:

If you are not from Germany, we strongly recommend you should only consider doing this if it turns out to be your easiest and most convenient means of valuing and selling your furs. We leave the decision up to you and would be very happy to provide an evaluation as required.
In general we advise you to send your furs by post shipment.

  1. Online appointments are quick and easy to arrange.

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  2. Note: appointments are arranged exclusively online, and not via our service hotline.
  3. Bring in your furs on the agreed date for an instant evaluation.
  4. Once our offer is accepted, we conclude a purchase agreement and make a cash payment.



At our business premises – Dörnweg 23, 65760 Eschborn Germany– we will assess your furs and make a cash purchase.

Our appointments are scheduled as much as four weeks in advance, so please book early to allow for this.

Why does it take so long?
There is a heavy demand for our fur-buying service and we thank you for your interest. As reputable fur traders, we receive numerous daily enquiries from customers and interested callers in every part of our region. Such personal consultations are inevitably varied, and sometimes time-consuming, because of the need to give a comprehensive response to any questions our customers may ask. That's why we cannot usually offer immediate appointments, and we ask for your understanding.

The alternative to a personal appointment
Should you need a more urgent response, you can also send us your furs by post. You will then usually receive our evaluation within three to five business days.

We charge an appointment booking fee because this is a time-intensive process. Our appointment-booking system saves time for everyone, and means our professionals are ready and available to examine your furs on the agreed day and time. We ask for your understanding that a booking fee cannot be refunded if a customer should subsequently cancel an appointment. This fee is automatically calculated when each appointment is arranged.