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About us

About us

Over 30 years' fur-purchase experience

Standing behind FURSCOUTER.eu (pelzankauf.de) is Gerikoglou, a traditional family-owned Frankfurt company. Based in the city of Frankfurt am Main for three decades, Gerikoglou has specialised in the purchase of furs for more than 30 years. Generous prices, fair trading, transparent financial management and knowledgeable staff delivering competent advice guarantee the service offered by this family business – located in Eschborn, 7 kilometres north-west of Frankfurt, since 2014 – is highly rated by its many customers.

A steadily growing commercial reputation has raised the company's profile, both in the region and also far beyond. Thus pelzankauf.de now extends the company's popular by-appointment, in-store fur appraisal and purchase service to a broader audience of discerning Internet consumers.

All customers have the reassurance of knowing their treasures are in good hands, because the Gerikoglou family understand the world of valuable furs. Masters of their craft with many years' experience, they recognise owners have far more than mere material value invested in their furs.

Therefore, at pelzankauf.de, company philosophy dictates that all purchased furs are carefully restored to prime condition before being offered for resale. Furthermore, the company's exclusive focus on specialist appraisal and purchase of furs guarantees customers receive ultra-competitive purchase offers.

Fur restyling, modernization

Do you want to rework your fur or maybe modernise it, leave it to us. With our 30 years of experience as a furrier, we will give you full satisfaction. We are happy to advise you in all aspects of fur.


Fur storage

You do not have the room to store your furs?
We can keep any fur type expertly.


Fur cleaning

Let your fur get cleaned! You should consider a proper annual fur care including cleaning and conditioning.


Fur manufacture

We would love to counsel you. We manufacture your fur as requested. If your are interested we offer new furs.