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We will purchase your old furs!

We are interested in every kind of fur.
The only exceptions are fur products subject to a marketing ban and/or covered by the Washington Agreement.*

Information about fur purchase can be found here:

Sable coat or Sable jacket
Russian / Crown Sable
Canadian Sable

Mink coat or Mink jacket
Saga Mink (Saga Royal, Saga Selected)

Fox coat or Fox jacket
Blue Fox
Red Fox
Silver Fox
Blue Frost Fox
Golden Island Fox
Platinum fox
Shadow Fox
Arctic Marble Fox
Saga Fox
Black Fox

Persian lamb coat or Persian lamb jacket

Chinchilla coat or Chinchilla jacket

Raccoon coat or Raccoon jacket

Musquash coat or musquash jacket
Black musquash

Nutria coat or Nutria jacket

Weasel coat or Weasel jacket

Squirrel coat or Squirrel jacket (canadian or russian)

Marten coat or Marten jacket
Beech Marten
Pine Marten

Rabbit coat

and many many more ...

Please ask if you have other furs. We would be interested to hear about them.

*For more detail about exceptions

Do you want to sell a fur? Have you some furs we could purchase?

Our advice: only sell via reliable fur-trade specialists – Furscouter.eu!

We are very pleased you have found us! When it comes to the purchase of furs, we have a wealth of experience. Throughout our 30 years of successful trading, one of our specialist services has been to assist fur owners wishing to dispose of a fur coat or a fur jacket, a Persian Lamb, Chinchilla or a Mink, with a fair, reputable and reliable fur purchase system.

There can be many reasons for selling a fur

There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about the desire to dispose of a fur, and yet it is not always an easy task. Furs are often associated with certain feelings or special memories, all of which can cause a would-be seller to hesitate. Ultimately, they would only feel comfortable leaving their precious piece in the hands of a trustworthy fur purchaser.

Perhaps you have inherited a precious fur from the estate of a loved one, which is unfortunately not really your style? Or maybe you have a much-loved Saga Royal mink which now seems a little outdated because it no longer matches your wardrobe or dress size? And perhaps you have decided restoration would be too expensive, or too much trouble? Your dear mum treasured her well-preserved Chinchilla, but are you really going to wear it much? And are you worried about moth damage if you just leave it in the wardrobe? Are you thinking your astrakhan (broadtail) jacket, a valuable keepsake, must only ever go to a good home – but how would you like that worry taken off your hands? And do you wish your elegant Persian or Sable could be spruced up a little before a new owner gets to wear it? - Faced with such predicaments, it is important to seek the help of tried and trusted specialists who have the skills and expertise you need. At Furscouter.eu, thanks to our 30 years' experience, we completely understand what our customers need and expect.

Leave your sable, nutria, Persian-lamb or ermine in good hands at Furscouter.eu

Life is all about change, and the fashion world reflects this very well. You enjoy having a beautiful Russian sable coat, or a Canadian sable fur jacket, in your wardrobe, but do you really get a chance to wear such exquisite pieces? Or do you worry that your precious crown sable might prove too much of a temptation to the wrong sort of person? Then, we can help you! Send us your beautiful furs or arrange an appointment. You will get a prompt purchase offer for your Russian- or Canadian sable, or many other kinds of fur – be it a Feh, a rabbit-fur coat, or a raccoon- or pine marten jacket – and once you have agreed our offer, your payment will be transferred equally promptly to your designated account.

At Furscouter.eu, our expertise extends well beyond just mink coats and mink jackets

We all know about the different qualities and grades of mink: Blackgama, Saga, and Nafa Mink. That's why we ensure all Saga Selected mink coats and Saga Royal mink jackets are treated with special care. Selling your furs is easy and convenient: Send us your furs for a risk-free Furscouter.eu evaluation and a fair reward. We are often asked whether we can accept photos of the owner wearing the actual mink coat, chinchilla jacket or raccoon cape to avoid the expense of sending garments through the post. Unfortunately, we must decline such suggestions because a purchase appraisal for furs – for example, a weasel coat, a bukhara, Persian, or marten jacket – can only be undertaken when the garments are examined and handled to properly assess their current condition. How else could we give a truly objective evaluation of a rabbit-fur jacket, a platinum fox- or a nutria jacket? We owe it to our customers to take an objective approach and exercise special care when purchasing valuable furs such as your nutria, chinchilla or black muskrat.

Do we buy rare and exotic furs? No problem

Even less common furs like tanuki jackets, Russian squirrel, feh, rabbit or polecat, coyote or Finn raccoon coats, and also muskrat, weasel- or marten trimmings, will be sure to find new owners who appreciate exotic furs on Furscouter.eu. We also have expertise and experience in tanned pelts. However, we decline all fur-bearing animals covered by the Washington Agreement, or otherwise subject to a marketing ban.

No other fur comes in as many varieties as fox

With fox fur, the colour affects the purchase price. So if you want to sell your fox coat or stole, the type of fox fur is very important, and will influence the price it may command. Whether they have a blue- or silver fox, a grey-, platinum- or red fox, or even a noble Arctic fox to examine, our experts will handle, and run an experienced eye over the fox coat or fox jacket to assess its purchase value. But that's not the end of the story for the fox species. We know the other varieties too, like the blue frost fox and the golden island fox and are keen to purchase fur wardrobes containing quality furs such as saga fox and black fox, or species like the shadow fox and Arctic marble fox. For us as experts, despite many years of experience, we still find the diversity of fox species endlessly fascinating.

As the leading fur-purchase specialists, Furscouter.eu has its own simple evaluation/purchase system!

To ensure our customers will find our system simple and transparent, we have listed details of the valuation and purchase options available, in easily understandable form, under the "How it works" section on our website. Our system is designed to provide you with a prompt purchase evaluation after you have sent us your furs, and you can help us to achieve this by choosing one of the options summarised here:

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